7 Quick Takes: Pregnancy Differences

It’s not the most original post title, I know, but it’s the most obvious. And my brain is… so… dang slippery these days. I’ll try and get through these Quick Takes while I still remember why I’m typing.

Without further ado, How Your Second Pregnancy Is Different From Your First

1) You’ve now been there are done that.

Then: I vividly recall being 8 weeks pregnant with Mark and calling the nurse help line because I had a stretching feeling on the left side of my abdomen. I was on the phone with them for probably close to half an hour (bless that nurse) who finally said, “You know, I think it might just be your ligaments stretching.”

Now: Any stretching or aches are more annoying than anything else. Which is kind of nice.

2) You are exhausted… all the time.

Then: You worked a full day and walked around all over the place. When you got home, you’d take a nice hour long nap so you could function for the rest of the evening.

Now: You spend your day playing with and chasing after a tiny person who runs your life (and it’s not the one in your womb) and there is no, no time for napping. Oh, and also? The tiny person gets up freakishly early. Even on the weekends. <facepalm>

3) Remember that whole “Feeling like a sacred vessel thing?” Yeah… about that.

Then: You basked in the glow of pregnancy and how people were so nice talking to you about being pregnant and asking you questions about your growing belly.

Now: You still like talking to people about being pregnant, but instead of glowing your face is kind of… reddish and splotchy in spots. Not to mention, you’ve got some nice bags under your eyes (see #2 above). So, squishy, tired, sagging vessel? A *little* more likely.

4) You already have the clothes...

Then: Buying maternity clothes, which are either comfortable or cute, but never both and WHYYYY?

Now: Did I wear these sweatpants yesterday? I don’t remember.

5) … but that doesn’t stop you from saying “Hmm… leggings.”

Then: Maternity jeans are about as casual and comfy as you can get!

Now: Wait, leggings are like sweatpants that you can wear out in public and still be super comfy? You say they don’t fit my body type? Whatever, I can wear them out of the house!

6) Sometimes, you kind of forget you’re pregnant.

Then: Has the baby moved in the last five minutes? Oh, there he is! Ok, whew. Can I eat that cheese? It looks soft? But maybe it’s just in small pieces? Hmmm.

Now: [While doing the dishes.] Why is my abdomen wet? Oh, yeah.

7) You get to share the joy of a baby with your kid

Then: You get to share the joy of welcome a new baby into your family with your husband.

Now: You get to share the joy of welcome a new baby into your family with your husband and your first baby.

It’s definitely not the same, but the results are just as exciting. 🙂

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