Mark and Mama Monday #3 and 4

Last week was uber-hectic, so I completely forgot to post our Mark and Mama Monday. So, you get a two-fer today. Lucky you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Mark and Mama Monday #3: Cafe Yikes

Okay, so that’s not the real name of the place we went. There’s a coffeshop in town that caters to parents and their kids. There’s a pretty big play area and they bring in people to do music and stuff. They also serve kid-sized portions of some things, so it works out all around.

I feel like these places might be sprouting up all over the place? Maybe? Anyway, it was the perfect place to go — it was raining and there was supposed to be someone leading some singing for the kids at 10am.

Perfect, I thought. We’ll get there around 9:30 and have a snack before the music starts.

This was Strike 1. Music Guy did not show up until 10:45. At that point, Mark was done (see strikes two and three below) and we needed to go home.

[Notice the lack of picture of music guy. Not there. And didn’t really interact much with the kids from what I could see while we were putting on our jackets.

Then, Strike 2. There were a TON of kids there. This is not a strike in and of itself, but some of the kids were walking around WITHOUT SHOES and snotty noses that they rubbed all over the toys. Oh, and who stood on my foot. Not stepped, that’s reasonable, but were closer to me than their mothers and were trying to stand on my foot (which, notably, was inside my shoe). Really, this leads us to Strike Three…

Parents Not Watching Their Kids. I’m one of those rare moms who doesn’t spend the whole time glued to the phone or only talking to my friends when we’re out in public. Not so with some of these moms. Not only were their kids spreading all kinds ofย lovely gunk everywhere, but there were several times where kids took toys away from Mark and when Mark tried to take them back, the mom only saw that part and stopped her conversation about who posted what on Instagram long enough to give ME the stink eye.


So, I hoarded a train car or two and made sure to give those to Mark when his other toys were taken away.

wpid-20150209_095542.jpg wpid-20150209_101809.jpg wpid-20150209_094612.jpg

Mark was mostly ignorant of a lot of the insanity and SUPER enjoyed his apple juice (a big treat in our house), so all was not lost. And I got to see him whack a naked Barbie doll on a doll house chandelier and squeal with happiness. Win.



Mark and Mama Monday #4

This week, Mark and I didn’t hang out on Monday since it was Presidents’ Day and Ryan had the day off. So, our date this week was today…


That’s right, we went to Mass together this morning. I was pretty excited because it’s only the second time Mark and I have gone to Mass by ourselves and I really need to live up the one-kid-at-Mass-thing while I still can.

Mark was pretty well-behaved, which was awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

Although, when Mass was over, Mark called out “All done!” and then turned to me and said, “Donut!”



Clearly, I’m raising him right. ๐Ÿ™‚


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