Mark and Mama Monday #6

It’s hard to believe this is our sixth Mark and Mama Monday! The time has really flown and I’m all kinds of nervous-pants about the next couple of months.

This week’s edition is pretty low-key. We went to the Columbia outlet store to get Ryan a new jacket (thrilling!), but we went to the park nearby afterwards.

Mark, as usual, wasted no time in finding some sticks.


He didn’t let all those sticks hold him back from climbing the play structure, though.

wpid-20150302_103854_002.jpg wpid-20150302_104018_001.jpg

He also wanted to swing on the swings FOREVER. He loves the swing and always wants “more! please!”


The obligatory selfie. Could my hair take up more space? Doubtful.


We went home for lunch, but we had leftover cupcakes to eat, so that made it extra fun!

wpid-20150302_131007.jpg wpid-20150302_130725.jpg

Also, Mark took a nap and woke up with this hair. It’s too phenomenal not to share.


Finally, my youngest sister, Molly, pointed out to me that since she lives far away that she has no idea what I look like pregnant this time around. So, here’s a photo a few days short of 32 weeks. Craziness that we’ve come this far, I tell you!



I promise I’ll post other updates too sometime in the near future, but I’m trying to get ALL THE THINGS done before Little Girl gets here. 8 weeks. Yipes.


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