Mark and Mama Mondays 7 and 8

Last week, was a little different because Mark and I got our “Monday” on Wednesday, and it was raining. This is all that uncommon for the Pacific Northwest, but we’d had weeks of glorious sun, so it kind of took us by surprise.

Never fear! We still had fun! We went to one of the local bookstores and sold some of the books that have been cluttering up the house. We had to wait in the shortest long-line ever (there were only a couple of people, but they had LOTS of books) and Mark managed to hold it together by looking at pictures on my phone.

We took our winnings (profits?) to the cafe in the store for a treat — milk for Mark, water for Mama, and a scone to share. Mark literally dumped nearly his entire cup of milk on the floor while I went to get my water. It wasn’t his fault and I didn’t cry (ha!), and we got everything cleaned up. Which resulted in this:


After, we hit up the children’s section. There are always so many books and I have a terrible time choosing, so I let Mark decide. He led me around the section for awhile picking all kinds of books that are WAY over his head, and then settled on one about “tractors! backhoe!”.

Can we focus for a second on how short the sleeves are on his shirt? This shows two things: 1) I clearly need to update some of his clothes to 2T and 2) He has inherited my genes and has a long torso and short legs. Good luck shopping anywhere ever, kiddo. 


After auditioning a few other titles, he settled on that one and we brought it home with us. He was so happy to carry it with him through the whole store.

I love seeing how excited he is about books.

THIS WEEK… we did lots of different things.

We baked! (kind of)

I’ve been craving these cookie dough balls for the last couple of weeks. And when I said I’ve been craving them, please know that it means that I’ve also been MAKING them for the last couple of weeks. So, so good. I decided to let Mark help me put this batch together.


Not pictured: the way I cleverly set up all of the ingredients like we were on a cooking TV show and had everything in bowls so we could just dump it into the mixer. Best idea ever.

Mark did a great job and followed directions so well. He snuck a few tastes here and there (but no raw eggs! win!), which was really just cute.


Once we got the dough done, we scooped them onto the pan to freeze and Mark even helped with the popsicle sticks on top.

Finally, he went to town on the spatula. 🙂



After making those, we went to storytime at the library (which I’ve already written about, so let’s move on).

Finally, our day was capped off with a successful trip to the Dollar Store where we got “buckets!” and a “balloon!” (As my friend Kate said once, why should you only get fun balloons on your birthday?)


We didn’t get to play with the buckets before his nap, but afterwards, we played in the dirt for awhile.

“Dirt, Mama, dirt!”



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