And the twos are almost here

Don’t get me wrong. I love the age that Mark is right now. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every age he’s been so far. But this one is getting to be a little trying.

Like most kids of this age (from what my friends have said), he’s started with “Mine!”, which is just perfect timing with Little Girl coming along soon. Yay. In addition, he’s started “play” hitting us sometimes. It’s really more like tapping than hitting, but it’s not a far cry from hitting, so we’re working on getting him to stop. Sometimes it’s just because, but sometimes it’s because he’s angry. So far, we’ve had good success with the “you can hit a pillow or the couch when you’re angry, but not people” and that usually works.

“No!” is also becoming more common, but that’s to be expected as well. I try and give him choices when I can (I always make sure I’m okay with either outcome!) to make him feel like he has control sometimes, and that’s proven to be helpful. I’m also on a crusade to make sure that no one asks him, “Okay?” at the end of a sentence unless they really want his opinion. Because he will give it. At top volume, often.


What, this isn’t the most effective way to help out on Switch Out the Clothes Day?





So that I’m not a total Negative Nan, I’ll tell you that there are some super fun things about his current age.

Today, Mark started saying “Yes” to things. Before that it was “Yeah” and before that it was “Please”. So, we’re moving closer to the “right” responses. 🙂

He is so, so sweet when he wants to “see” the baby in my tummy and when we talk about his baby sister. It’s really touching. I’m hoping it keeps up for when she actually gets here and is actually being all up in his business. 🙂

Mark loves to play outside and loves digging in the dirt.  He’s also a lot more into playing pretend than he used to be and it’s fun to watch him be in his own world with his trucks and tractors.

Overall… almost-two isn’t too bad. It has it’s moments, but overall, I love interacting with my little guy like the person he is.



First Slurpee taste… it was “cold!”. 

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