Mark and Mama Monday 9

This week was not the Most Fun Ever for the Mark Man, but sometimes you just gotta get some things done. Plus, my energy level is significantly lower now than it was a month ago, so I think more of our Mondays are going to be closer to home from here on out.

This week, we got Mark new clothes! Kind of! We’ve been really blessed that we know two families with boys a year or two older than Mark and they’ve been very generous in passing along the clothes their boys have grown out of.

Can I just say that I don’t love the changing of the clothes day? I’m definitely the person who just wants to change all of the clothes out on one day instead of doing it bit by bit. Clothes from different brands fit differently (why is that? can’t we all just get along?), so some of them fit differently and a few of Mark’s 18-24 month stuff still fits.

But, I can’t handle it. I want all of the stuff changed out in one fell swoop. So, all in one day it is. Plus, Mark kept holding up all the clothes and saying, “Cute!” No, we haven’t been preparing for a new baby here. Not at all.


And I have a super helpful assistant.


Then, after picking up some clothes for Baby Girl from a friend of ours, we had to get Mark an outfit for Easter at Old Navy. He was well-behaved (albeit trapped in a cart), so we got frozen yogurt!

It doesn’t matter what flavor I pick as long as there are strawberries and whipped cream — that’s all he really cares about.


Cold! Yum!


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