Mark and Mama Monday 10 and 11

Mark and Mama Monday didn’t happen last week for… some reason? I don’t really remember why. There was something… oh well. Welcome to the inside of a brain of someone who’s nearly 38 weeks pregnant. Sigh.

Anyway, we did Mark and Mama time on Friday! Which worked our great because we were supposed to go and hang out with some friends at the pool, but then Mark came home with some gross stuff coming out of his eye on Thursday and one trip to the doctor later: diagnosis pink eye.

Aren’t you glad I spared you the photos here?

But, he’s been a champ and is SO GOOD at doing his eyedrops. He calls it “raining in my eye”.

So, finger painting it was! He kind of liked it? He has this thing where he doesn’t mind his hands being dirty, but he DOES mind them being wet and/or sticky.

IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8614 IMG_8620

Consequently, he wanted me to wipe off his hands every minute or so.


This week, we did manage to get in some fun time today. We went to storytime at the library (I’ll spare you the details and pictures as we’ve done this before) and we played with Play-Doh at home! Woohoo!

Mark has played with Play-Doh before at the babysitter’s house, but never with us. He got some in his Easter basket, so we busted it out on Monday.



I love watching his little hands work as he tries to get them to do the things he envisions in his mind.


Finally, after his nap, I snapped this photo of him when he fell asleep again on me.


I’m always so touched and amazed at how no matter how big he gets, he still finds a way to “fit”. When he was a newborn, he would wiggle until his head was on my chest, right over my heart; I love that he hasn’t lost that love for snuggling.


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