She’s here!

Yes, it’s been awhile, but I promise it’s all worth it. A little over a week ago, I got to see this face for the first time:


Welcome to the world, Katherine!

Instead of the traditional birth story (I don’t have that kind of energy), I thought I’d give you some bullet points.

  • I still was in denial that I was in labor… even after knowing what it felt like already.
  • I managed to teach for my online classes the day she was born; I kept sitting on the couch and trying not to let contractions happen. When they did, I told the kids that I had a cold (which was true) and that I needed to cough (which might have also been true).
  • Having a cold and coughing whilst contracting is not the most fun I’ve ever had.
  • If you get three veins blown when they’re trying to get your IV started, do not be surprised when you wake up a week later with bruises all over your arms.
  • She came hard and fast — we checked in to the hospital at about 6:30pm and she was born around 2am.
  • Katherine was so tiny, it only took one push to get her out (I know, I know, hate me all you want).
  • Changing into your own clothes is essential after giving birth.
  • Hospital visitors are awesome. People who bring dinners and let me sit down for a little while are awesome. Having your mom be willing to help take care of you and your kids for a week is awesome. 🙂

There’s no way that I could possibly update you on everything that’s happened here in the last week, but I will say that Mark is mostly handling things like a champ. He has his moments (what two year old doesn’t?), but he’s incredibly loving toward Katherine and wants to give her hugs and kisses and says, “I hold the baby?” all the time. It’s the most wonderful, touching thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not foolish enough to think that this kind of peace will reign here forever, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.

With that, I need to go and figure out about a thousand things and make some lists and straighten up a little to get ready for Mark’s second birthday (WHAT) tomorrow! 🙂

Okay, I might snuggle the litle baby, too. 🙂


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