Molly’s graduation (or: Photo Dump 1 of 2)

If you don’t like photos, these next two posts are just SO NOT for you. šŸ™‚ I’ve finally managed to carve out a few minutes without the Tiny Person wanting me all the time (seriously, I love holding her, but my arms do need a break every so often!) and I’ve had a chance to look at, cull through, and work on some photos from the last couple of months.

Today’s post is all about… Molly and her graduation from college! My youngest sister graduated from the University of the Best City Ever (that’s their tagline, not mine) at the end of May. We took all four of us on a plane down to see her graduate and have lots of fun with family and friends.

Without further ado… the photos!


We’re pretty proud of her!

he whole family. šŸ™‚



Because I totally challenge you to find something cuter at a graduation than a toddler in a cap.
We hug because we can.
One of the many benefits of this trip was getting to introduce Katherine (at the ripe age of two weeks!) to so many of my family members. This is Katherine with my mom’s cousin Katy and her boys, Evan and Rowan.

Evan and Rowan liked Katherine, but they were REALLY excited to play with Mark!
Mark got his very first taste of Giorgio’s pizza.
We stayed in this GREAT house not far from the apartment I lived in when I was a baby in San Francisco. We got to take Mark to the park that my dad used to take me to when I was a toddler; even better, Mark’s godfather Mike (who lives in San Francisco) came with us!
This kid could swing for ever and ever Amen.


I used to climb and play in these EXACT trees when I was Mark’s age. Much of the rest of the park has changed, but these trees are still there. Okay, no one but me cares about the park. Moving on…
The graduate and her niece!
My grandpa and my brother talking about something very deep and important.
Katherine and her Great Aunt Jane.Ā IMG_9612
I love my grandpa! šŸ™‚IMG_9561
My grandpa and his great-granddaughter!
Everyone toasting Molly!IMG_9576
Mark loves being scared (is he really my child?) and Nathaniel was only too happy to oblige by jumping out rom behind the door over and over again.Ā IMG_9690

One of the other really cool things about the weekend was getting to celebrate three birthdays! Molly’s and my birthdays are a day apart and Laura’s is about two weeks later. I don’t get to celebrate my birthday with my family very often, so getting to see everyone and celebrate their birthdays too was great! šŸ™‚

Okay, photo dump #2 (Katherine’s Baptism!) is coming soon, I promise!

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