Four months!

Katherine turned four months about a week ago, and I can’t believe the time has gone as quickly as it has. Everyone talks about how the days are long but the weeks are short, and I completely agree!

With that, let’s talk about the youngest.


Katherine is a pretty smiley baby. She gives her smiles pretty easily (Mark made us work for them) and she loves to smile at Ryan and Mark the most. Mark loves getting all up in her face and where I think she would reach the point of “This guy needs to back up about five feet”, she just smile and encourages him.

She’s started laughing more this month and is especially ticklish on her belly and the side of her rubs. Blowing on her tummy almost always results in some bursts of giggles.


I’ve been blessed with her being a good sleeper and eater, even though she’s still only in the third percentile for height and weight (don’t worry, though! her head is in the 75th… she’s got my genes in their somewhere!).

She might be little, but she’s mighty. Katherine is usually pretty relaxed and good about “calling” for us and letting us know when she needs something. But, if we’ve pushed her past her limit. the girl gets HANGRY and will let us know it. Again, my genes in there somewhere. 🙂

The big, big news in Katherine’s world this week is that she rolled over from her tummy onto her back!


I didn’t get any pictures of the actual moment (some things you just need to experience with your kids without looking through the lens), but this is the face she made when she was working on rolling a few minutes before:


That mouth open? Yeah, there are several pictures of me with that face too. 🙂

Katherine enjoys playing with a few of her toys and enjoys snuggling with her stuffed giraffe and and chewing on her Sophie Giraffe.


This week, we also went to the Fan Appreciation Night for the Portland Timbers. Katherine got to experience the pitch firsthand. 🙂


Start ’em early. 🙂

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

Recently, the county started doing some construction down the street from our house.

It’s pretty much Mark’s most favorite thing ever. He LOVES anything to do with construction right now. I think most kids go through phases and his is DEFINITELY construction right now.

We’ll occasionally go and watch the big machines and it’s the highlight of his week.


Since we drive by the work often, he’ll give me reports on what he sees:
“No back-hoe loader. Not moving. No guy in it.”
“Guy in it! Moving! Dump truck!”

Naturally, when we went to Powell’s a couple of weeks ago, I asked the very helpful clerk in the children’s section what book he would recommend and he pointed me in the direction of Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker.


The story is pretty simple — all of the machines are going to sleep after a long day and each has its own bedtime routine.


Mark particularly likes this picture where the bulldozer has a blanket with it.


There’s lots of repetition, some good rhyme, and the pictures are really well-done and fun.


Overall, a total win of a book for Mark!

At least, it is when I can tear him away from the dirt in the backyard. 🙂


A new role for both of us

Ryan took a new job in the business world, and this week is his first. We’re all really excited for him, but I was a little nervous about being a mom-of-two home with the Littles all day long.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids. But, Ryan’s been home for the last twelve weeks since a little after Katherine was born and it’s been great. I haven’t been the only one to change diapers, do dishes, and play Mark’s favorite game of “Let’s go play in my room!” And, to be fair, I’ve heard the horror stories of mothers saying that being a mom-of-two is harder than being a mom-of-five in a lot of ways.

Thus, I’ve braced myself this week with the necessities:
1) Lots of coffee in the morning (okay, okay, ONE cup because breastfeeding) and
2) Something out of the house every day.

So far this week for #2, we’ve trekked to the grocery store, lived it up at Costco, and headed to an awesome brunch put on by the Blessed is She ladies (well, Katherine and I went to the brunch… Mark got to hang out with my sister-in-law and have lots of fun).

Here’s how much fun we had at Costco:

Mark: “Bird on it! Tweet tweet!” (Also, please appreciate how he’s sitting next to some carbs with a side of carbs.)
Just so, so excited for life.

Tomorrow? I think we’re going to live dangerously and hit up Ikea or the library.

We know how to party.