Bits and Pieces Vol. 1

I was thinking about blogging this week (that happens a lot, actually) and I realized that there are going to be some weeks where Awesome Stuff Happens — stuff like baptisms and new jobs. Then, there will be other weeks where Nothing Really Happens Except A Few Little Things. What to do with these weeks when there’s nothing red letter about them?

We’re going to call it Bits and Pieces. Slightly different from Seven Quick Takes in that there aren’t always seven things worth writing about. But, I want to document them, no matter how few or many there may be. Normally, I would publish this on a Monday (to include the weekend), but we had THREE days this weekend, so Tuesday it is.

And so, we go.

Mark decided to look like this when we went on our walk earlier in the week. He insisted the glasses went on his mouth and he carried the Bible like the “book at Church”. So, 1-1?


It rained the day we were going to go to the park, so we headed to the nearby mall and Mark got to ride and some of the coin-operated toys and it was a big deal. Grandma and Aunt Marissa treated him for sure. 🙂


But, before that, it was Force Friday (which is the stupidest name for a thing, ever). I had to go to Target anyway (La Croix was on sale!), so we checked out the Star Wars toys. Mark liked the foam lightsaber.


But, he was REALLY confused by the BB-8 whose head rotated when people walked by.


Katherine got to get in the Jump Up this weekend. After her initial “Wait, what?” look, she was really excited and bounced around and tried to run at us, which Mark thought was HYSTERICAL.


In case you were wondering what Mark looked like when he was that age, here you go:


They are not related. At all.

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