Bits and Pieces Vol. 2

One of those weeks that was pretty ordinary, but ended up with us having some good stories.

Katherine’s godfather, James, was in town for a bit, so he came over to hang out before going to a soccer game with Ryan. Mark wanted to water the flowers (because he always does) and had a total Tom Sawyer moment when he decided he was done watering, but wanted James to finish up.


She really does like him, I promise!


Katherine fell asleep on me for awhile after fighting her afternoon nap, so I managed to get in some knitting time. Hooray!


We went to the Children’s Museum with some friends, including the fore-mentioned James and his sister Jean. Mark thinks James is the coolest, which worked out perfectly since I had to nurse Katherine pretty much as soon as we got there. Mark willingly held James’s hand and went with him inside while I fed Katherine.


As always, the water was a huge hit with Mark.


Oscar (and his mom) were kind enough to share their lunch because I thought it would be a good idea to keep lunch in the car (?). #momfail


They also have a new exhibit called the Bubble Bath Room. There were all of these huge clear balls that felt and acted like beach balls and huge rubber duckies. Most of the kids were having fun rolling the bigger balls; Mark just wanted to kick the littler ones everywhere.


We don’t practice playing soccer at home. Ever.

The new commuter train line opened, so we stood in the Disney-esque line to ride it. Mark thought it was a blast. Katherine was more excited to get out of the carrier for a little while.


Too much sun. Also, not enough strap for Katherine to chew on, apparently.

Toddler Time at the library. Katherine was, in turns, super confused by all of the kids and terrified of how all of them wanted to get all up in her grill.


On our way home from the library, we had to stop because there were TWO “back-hoe loaders” and ONE bulldozer and they were ALL putting dirt into a dump truck. I’m not kidding when I tell you that we sat there watching for fifteen minutes. It was amazing. To Mark.



Went grocery shopping (fun a mile a minute over here, I tell you) and Mark insisted on bringing the pretzels he was eating at home through the whole store (because he was SO HUNGRY, MAMA!) and then never eating them at all.


I know, Mark; that’s how I feel about it, too.

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