Four months!

Katherine turned four months about a week ago, and I can’t believe the time has gone as quickly as it has. Everyone talks about how the days are long but the weeks are short, and I completely agree!

With that, let’s talk about the youngest.


Katherine is a pretty smiley baby. She gives her smiles pretty easily (Mark made us work for them) and she loves to smile at Ryan and Mark the most. Mark loves getting all up in her face and where I think she would reach the point of “This guy needs to back up about five feet”, she just smile and encourages him.

She’s started laughing more this month and is especially ticklish on her belly and the side of her rubs. Blowing on her tummy almost always results in some bursts of giggles.


I’ve been blessed with her being a good sleeper and eater, even though she’s still only in the third percentile for height and weight (don’t worry, though! her head is in the 75th… she’s got my genes in their somewhere!).

She might be little, but she’s mighty. Katherine is usually pretty relaxed and good about “calling” for us and letting us know when she needs something. But, if we’ve pushed her past her limit. the girl gets HANGRY and will let us know it. Again, my genes in there somewhere. πŸ™‚

The big, big news in Katherine’s world this week is that she rolled over from her tummy onto her back!


I didn’t get any pictures of the actual moment (some things you just need to experience with your kids without looking through the lens), but this is the face she made when she was working on rolling a few minutes before:


That mouth open? Yeah, there are several pictures of me with that face too. πŸ™‚

Katherine enjoys playing with a few of her toys and enjoys snuggling with her stuffed giraffe and and chewing on her Sophie Giraffe.


This week, we also went to the Fan Appreciation Night for the Portland Timbers. Katherine got to experience the pitch firsthand. πŸ™‚


Start ’em early. πŸ™‚


Katherine’s Baptism (or: Photo Dump 2 of 2)

Two weeks ago, Katherine (or, Baby Kaferine as Mark likes to call her) was baptized.

It was all of the things it should be.

Not only did she not cry AT ALL, but she smiled when the water was poured over her head. I think she thought it was bath time.
Excuse the giant poofy sleeves that are blocking her face (seriously, how did no one tell me?!).
Us with Ryan’s aunt, mom, and sister.

Us with my Great Aunt Mary Lu, her friend John, and my mom.
It was so, so fun to have my cousin, Kim, there! She couldn’t stay long, but it was wonderful to have another Pukstas in attendance!
Godfather (James — former coworker and friend) and Godmother (Kim — one of my friends from college).
Okay, so the bonnet isn’t really on the right way (babies are wiggly!), but here she is all holy and stuff! The gown is the one my siblings and I were baptized in and I made the bonnet especially for Katherine. πŸ™‚
So peaceful… I’m going to have to revisit these photos when she’s a toddler. πŸ™‚

Picture with a little more of the gown in it. I love the eyelet fabric!

So, you’re kind of updated and stuff now. Next up will be some fun stories and Mark quotes from the last month or so. And pictures of a kid eating popsicles. πŸ™‚

There’s two of them.

One of the things I think most mothers having a second baby worry about is… the first baby. Will the older sibling like the new baby? Will they hate it? Will they try and eat it in the middle of the night?

These were my fears, too. I think I was especially worried because since I started working from home and having more time to spend with Mark, we’d become quite the dynamic duo. He was (and still is) a great sidekick and I didn’t want him to feel like he was being replaced (because, obviously, he’s not).

I was so nervous when Ryan brought Mark to the hospital to meet “the baby” for the first time. What if Mark didn’t like her and tried to push her off the hospital bed while I was holding her? Luckily, Mark was SO excited to meet her and immediately asked “Mark hold the baby?”.

So far, not much has changed. He’s still super in love with her and wants to hold her and kiss her and give her hugs all the time. She’s so little that it’s a little like Lenny fromΒ Of Mice and Men and I’m a little worried he’s going to squish her with his hugs, but I can’t say no when he wants to show her a little brotherly love.

Mark is also wonderfully helpful with Katherine. “Baby crying”, he’ll tell us (as if we can’t hear her). “Hat fell off” and “It’s okay Baby Katherine” (when she’s upset) are his other favorite phrases.

As I mentioned before, I’m not foolish enough to think these blissful days of sibling love are going to be around forever, but I’m definitely going to enjoy them while they’re here.


In other news, it’s funny to me how much Katherine is like and not like her brother all at the same time. Mark was very regular in his feeding schedule at this point, and she’s becoming more so now but isn’t nearly the every-three-hours-or-else kind of baby that he was.

One of the more touching things, though, happened the other day when I was done feeding Katherine. After burping, she wiggled herself down to have her head directly over my heart. Mark used to do the same thing when he got up to nurse in the middle of the night.


Oh, be still my mama-heart. πŸ™‚

She’s here!

Yes, it’s been awhile, but I promise it’s all worth it. A little over a week ago, I got to see this face for the first time:


Welcome to the world, Katherine!

Instead of the traditional birth story (I don’t have that kind of energy), I thought I’d give you some bullet points.

  • I still was in denial that I was in labor… even after knowing what it felt like already.
  • I managed to teach for my online classes the day she was born; I kept sitting on the couch and trying not to let contractions happen. When they did, I told the kids that I had a cold (which was true) and that I needed to cough (which might have also been true).
  • Having a cold and coughing whilst contracting is not the most fun I’ve ever had.
  • If you get three veins blown when they’re trying to get your IV started, do not be surprised when you wake up a week later with bruises all over your arms.
  • She came hard and fast — we checked in to the hospital at about 6:30pm and she was born around 2am.
  • Katherine was so tiny, it only took one push to get her out (I know, I know, hate me all you want).
  • Changing into your own clothes is essential after giving birth.
  • Hospital visitors are awesome. People who bring dinners and let me sit down for a little while are awesome. Having your mom be willing to help take care of you and your kids for a week is awesome. πŸ™‚

There’s no way that I could possibly update you on everything that’s happened here in the last week, but I will say that Mark is mostly handling things like a champ. He has his moments (what two year old doesn’t?), but he’s incredibly loving toward Katherine and wants to give her hugs and kisses and says, “I hold the baby?” all the time. It’s the most wonderful, touching thing I’ve ever seen. I’m not foolish enough to think that this kind of peace will reign here forever, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it while it lasts.

With that, I need to go and figure out about a thousand things and make some lists and straighten up a little to get ready for Mark’s second birthday (WHAT) tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Okay, I might snuggle the litle baby, too. πŸ™‚


Mark and I watched the Mariners and the A’s play a Spring Training game yesterday after lunch.

Here’s what Mark had to say:

“Bat! Big bat. Heavy. No touch.”

“Where’d they go?” (In between innings.)

“More bat!”

Mark: “Running!”
Ann: “Yeah, bud, that guy gets to run because he hit the ball.”
Mark: “No running.”
Me: “Yeah, he didn’t hit the ball, so he doesn’t get to run.”
Mark: “Oh. Sad.”
Ann: “Yeah, it is.”



P.S. He might be wearing Mariner colors, but he’s rooting for the A’s. πŸ™‚

Some of the cute things

Being a Mama is sometimes really fun and sometimes not as much fun. For example, Mark loved all the lights and cool kid-centered things about Christmas this year (fun!), but also wasn’t feeling super good all the time and managed to cover most of my shirt in snot and then ask “What’s that?” (not as much fun).

Sometimes, though, I find it easy to remember the trying times of the day: when Mark threw his cup on the floor after I asked him a billion times to put it on the table, or when he made the devilish grin at me as he snuck around the corner when I was trying to capture him for a diaper change, or when he yelled “No!” when I asked him for a hug.

I think a lot of people do this.\ I know when I was a classroom teacher I always remembered the failures and tough moments of the day, but forget when a student said, “Thank You!” after class.

In light of this, here are some of the cute things Mark has done in the last couple of weeks that were cute and/or fun:

1) When I get him out of the bath and take him to his changing table to put his pajamas on him, he reaches for my face and says, “More! More!” until I lean down, he grabs my head, and gives me wet kisses on my face and I plant dry ones on his cheek. He does this about five or six times in a row.

2) He’s started singing nonsense songs to himself when he’s playing by himself or when we’re in the car. Sometimes the songs contains words he knows (he was singing “Happy Day” over and over the other day), and other times they’re just baby babble.

3) Sometimes, Mark stops moving for a few minutes and just wants to snuggle. A week or so ago, he was playing on his own and I was sitting on the couch. He came over, wanted “up!” and then snuggled with me, pulling on my earlobe (his comfort move). Nothing had happened; he just needed a little Mama time. Β πŸ™‚

4) He kind of know that Mama has a baby in her tummy (but, he also thinks everyone has a baby in their tummy, so we’re working on it), and he likes to sit on my lap facing me, pull my shirt up so he can see my belly and kiss/say hi to the baby. Then, he pulls my shirt back down and says, “bye-bye, baby!”.

5) Lately, Mark has been into spinning (do all toddlers do this?). Once or twice a day, he decides to stop what he’s doing and spin around in circles for about thirty seconds or so. Today, it wasn’t enough that he was spinning, Mama and Dada had to spin to (“Mama! Spinning!”). He laughed and laughed at Ryan and I spinning in circles around his room.

Okay, enough of the mother-gushing for now. Just storing these away for a day in the future where his free will decides to wield its ugly head. πŸ™‚