Mark and Mama Monday 10 and 11

Mark and Mama Monday didn’t happen last week for… some reason? I don’t really remember why. There was something… oh well. Welcome to the inside of a brain of someone who’s nearly 38 weeks pregnant. Sigh.

Anyway, we did Mark and Mama time on Friday! Which worked our great because we were supposed to go and hang out with some friends at the pool, but then Mark came home with some gross stuff coming out of his eye on Thursday and one trip to the doctor later: diagnosis pink eye.

Aren’t you glad I spared you the photos here?

But, he’s been a champ and is SO GOOD at doing his eyedrops. He calls it “raining in my eye”.

So, finger painting it was! He kind of liked it? He has this thing where he doesn’t mind his hands being dirty, but he DOES mind them being wet and/or sticky.

IMG_8604 IMG_8610 IMG_8614 IMG_8620

Consequently, he wanted me to wipe off his hands every minute or so.


This week, we did manage to get in some fun time today. We went to storytime at the library (I’ll spare you the details and pictures as we’ve done this before) and we played with Play-Doh at home! Woohoo!

Mark has played with Play-Doh before at the babysitter’s house, but never with us. He got some in his Easter basket, so we busted it out on Monday.



I love watching his little hands work as he tries to get them to do the things he envisions in his mind.


Finally, after his nap, I snapped this photo of him when he fell asleep again on me.


I’m always so touched and amazed at how no matter how big he gets, he still finds a way to “fit”. When he was a newborn, he would wiggle until his head was on my chest, right over my heart; I love that he hasn’t lost that love for snuggling.


Mark and Mama Monday 9

This week was not the Most Fun Ever for the Mark Man, but sometimes you just gotta get some things done. Plus, my energy level is significantly lower now than it was a month ago, so I think more of our Mondays are going to be closer to home from here on out.

This week, we got Mark new clothes! Kind of! We’ve been really blessed that we know two families with boys a year or two older than Mark and they’ve been very generous in passing along the clothes their boys have grown out of.

Can I just say that I don’t love the changing of the clothes day? I’m definitely the person who just wants to change all of the clothes out on one day instead of doing it bit by bit. Clothes from different brands fit differently (why is that? can’t we all just get along?), so some of them fit differently and a few of Mark’s 18-24 month stuff still fits.

But, I can’t handle it. I want all of the stuff changed out in one fell swoop. So, all in one day it is. Plus, Mark kept holding up all the clothes and saying, “Cute!” No, we haven’t been preparing for a new baby here. Not at all.


And I have a super helpful assistant.


Then, after picking up some clothes for Baby Girl from a friend of ours, we had to get Mark an outfit for Easter at Old Navy. He was well-behaved (albeit trapped in a cart), so we got frozen yogurt!

It doesn’t matter what flavor I pick as long as there are strawberries and whipped cream — that’s all he really cares about.


Cold! Yum!


Mark and Mama Mondays 7 and 8

Last week, was a little different because Mark and I got our “Monday” on Wednesday, and it was raining. This is all that uncommon for the Pacific Northwest, but we’d had weeks of glorious sun, so it kind of took us by surprise.

Never fear! We still had fun! We went to one of the local bookstores and sold some of the books that have been cluttering up the house. We had to wait in the shortest long-line ever (there were only a couple of people, but they had LOTS of books) and Mark managed to hold it together by looking at pictures on my phone.

We took our winnings (profits?) to the cafe in the store for a treat — milk for Mark, water for Mama, and a scone to share. Mark literally dumped nearly his entire cup of milk on the floor while I went to get my water. It wasn’t his fault and I didn’t cry (ha!), and we got everything cleaned up. Which resulted in this:


After, we hit up the children’s section. There are always so many books and I have a terrible time choosing, so I let Mark decide. He led me around the section for awhile picking all kinds of books that are WAY over his head, and then settled on one about “tractors! backhoe!”.

Can we focus for a second on how short the sleeves are on his shirt? This shows two things: 1) I clearly need to update some of his clothes to 2T and 2) He has inherited my genes and has a long torso and short legs. Good luck shopping anywhere ever, kiddo. 


After auditioning a few other titles, he settled on that one and we brought it home with us. He was so happy to carry it with him through the whole store.

I love seeing how excited he is about books.

THIS WEEK… we did lots of different things.

We baked! (kind of)

I’ve been craving these cookie dough balls for the last couple of weeks. And when I said I’ve been craving them, please know that it means that I’ve also been MAKING them for the last couple of weeks. So, so good. I decided to let Mark help me put this batch together.


Not pictured: the way I cleverly set up all of the ingredients like we were on a cooking TV show and had everything in bowls so we could just dump it into the mixer. Best idea ever.

Mark did a great job and followed directions so well. He snuck a few tastes here and there (but no raw eggs! win!), which was really just cute.


Once we got the dough done, we scooped them onto the pan to freeze and Mark even helped with the popsicle sticks on top.

Finally, he went to town on the spatula. 🙂



After making those, we went to storytime at the library (which I’ve already written about, so let’s move on).

Finally, our day was capped off with a successful trip to the Dollar Store where we got “buckets!” and a “balloon!” (As my friend Kate said once, why should you only get fun balloons on your birthday?)


We didn’t get to play with the buckets before his nap, but afterwards, we played in the dirt for awhile.

“Dirt, Mama, dirt!”


Mark and Mama Monday #6

It’s hard to believe this is our sixth Mark and Mama Monday! The time has really flown and I’m all kinds of nervous-pants about the next couple of months.

This week’s edition is pretty low-key. We went to the Columbia outlet store to get Ryan a new jacket (thrilling!), but we went to the park nearby afterwards.

Mark, as usual, wasted no time in finding some sticks.


He didn’t let all those sticks hold him back from climbing the play structure, though.

wpid-20150302_103854_002.jpg wpid-20150302_104018_001.jpg

He also wanted to swing on the swings FOREVER. He loves the swing and always wants “more! please!”


The obligatory selfie. Could my hair take up more space? Doubtful.


We went home for lunch, but we had leftover cupcakes to eat, so that made it extra fun!

wpid-20150302_131007.jpg wpid-20150302_130725.jpg

Also, Mark took a nap and woke up with this hair. It’s too phenomenal not to share.


Finally, my youngest sister, Molly, pointed out to me that since she lives far away that she has no idea what I look like pregnant this time around. So, here’s a photo a few days short of 32 weeks. Craziness that we’ve come this far, I tell you!



I promise I’ll post other updates too sometime in the near future, but I’m trying to get ALL THE THINGS done before Little Girl gets here. 8 weeks. Yipes.


Mark and Mama Monday #5

One of the benefits of having a membership to our Zoo (at least for this year) is that almost every month there’s another museum or garden or fun thing that lets you in for free! This week, Mark and I checked out the World Forestry Center.


Before we got inside, though, we had to take a look at the awesome wheels on the train. Mark seriously loves this train and loves, loves spinning the wheels and walking up and down on the ramp up where the engineer would stand.




The Forestry Center itself was pretty fun. Mark got strapped into a life jacket and we pretended we were going down a huge river with rapids.


Then, we looked at all kind of rocks and bugs, and he got to practice digging (do kids need to practice digging?) holes for seedlings. [Note: no picture here because the table was too tall for Mark and I had to hold him up. Seriously, why no stools?]

There was also a HUGE back-ho, tree cutter thing (which Mark called a “tractor”) with HUGE wheels (!) and you could PRESS BUTTONS. It was Mark’s personal Heaven — “tractor! buttons! wheels!”, over and over and over again. 🙂

wpid-20150223_105236_004.jpg wpid-20150223_110138_003.jpg wpid-20150223_105139_027.jpg

The back part of the Center had a cool fountain and “rocks!” (everything is said with an exclamation point at the end these days).


The upstairs was pretty fun too, but it had a lot of information and videos that were a lot above Mark’s level. But, there were some fun instruments made of wood that were fun to play with!


After, we went outside to sit in the sunshine and eat our lunch. It was pretty chilly, but we kind of didn’t care (don’t hate me, East Coast People… I think it was 45 degrees or something).


Forestry Center for the win! 🙂

Mark and Mama Monday #3 and 4

Last week was uber-hectic, so I completely forgot to post our Mark and Mama Monday. So, you get a two-fer today. Lucky you! 🙂

Mark and Mama Monday #3: Cafe Yikes

Okay, so that’s not the real name of the place we went. There’s a coffeshop in town that caters to parents and their kids. There’s a pretty big play area and they bring in people to do music and stuff. They also serve kid-sized portions of some things, so it works out all around.

I feel like these places might be sprouting up all over the place? Maybe? Anyway, it was the perfect place to go — it was raining and there was supposed to be someone leading some singing for the kids at 10am.

Perfect, I thought. We’ll get there around 9:30 and have a snack before the music starts.

This was Strike 1. Music Guy did not show up until 10:45. At that point, Mark was done (see strikes two and three below) and we needed to go home.

[Notice the lack of picture of music guy. Not there. And didn’t really interact much with the kids from what I could see while we were putting on our jackets.

Then, Strike 2. There were a TON of kids there. This is not a strike in and of itself, but some of the kids were walking around WITHOUT SHOES and snotty noses that they rubbed all over the toys. Oh, and who stood on my foot. Not stepped, that’s reasonable, but were closer to me than their mothers and were trying to stand on my foot (which, notably, was inside my shoe). Really, this leads us to Strike Three…

Parents Not Watching Their Kids. I’m one of those rare moms who doesn’t spend the whole time glued to the phone or only talking to my friends when we’re out in public. Not so with some of these moms. Not only were their kids spreading all kinds of lovely gunk everywhere, but there were several times where kids took toys away from Mark and when Mark tried to take them back, the mom only saw that part and stopped her conversation about who posted what on Instagram long enough to give ME the stink eye.


So, I hoarded a train car or two and made sure to give those to Mark when his other toys were taken away.

wpid-20150209_095542.jpg wpid-20150209_101809.jpg wpid-20150209_094612.jpg

Mark was mostly ignorant of a lot of the insanity and SUPER enjoyed his apple juice (a big treat in our house), so all was not lost. And I got to see him whack a naked Barbie doll on a doll house chandelier and squeal with happiness. Win.



Mark and Mama Monday #4

This week, Mark and I didn’t hang out on Monday since it was Presidents’ Day and Ryan had the day off. So, our date this week was today…


That’s right, we went to Mass together this morning. I was pretty excited because it’s only the second time Mark and I have gone to Mass by ourselves and I really need to live up the one-kid-at-Mass-thing while I still can.

Mark was pretty well-behaved, which was awesome. 🙂

Although, when Mass was over, Mark called out “All done!” and then turned to me and said, “Donut!”



Clearly, I’m raising him right. 🙂

Mark and Mama Monday #2

There’s a bunch of new things that happened this week, but before I get to those, I have to share our Mark and Mama Monday for this week.

This week, we went to my favorite donut shop. It smells SO GOOD and has the best donuts. Mark love-love-loves donuts (and asks about them after Mass… not trained, don’t worry).


Perfect mid-morning snack? Um, yes. (Also, point of clarification: my donut is the one with the sprinkles. The kiddo doesn’t need THAT much sugar.)



After totally stuffing out faces, we went to the same story time as last week (what? he had fun!).This week, he was brave enough to go up and listen to the story about the monkey. They started reading the story and I turned to Mark on my lap who was staring uncontrollably at the monkey and asked him if he wanted to go up so he could see it. “Please!” he whispered. And up he went.


Such a big kid!

Other new things in the last week:

– Yesterday, he was literally running circles around me. I was sitting on the floor in the living room and he came up to me and yelled “CIRCLE!” and then started running in circles around me. For about three minutes. And yelling “circle!” over and over.
– Mark has started mimicking the word “okay” which is just the most super cute ever when he says it.
– On Sunday he used the word “mine” for the firs time. Over and over again. Oh, please, no, not the years of “mine”! Sigh. So far, he hasn’t repeated it too much, so I’ll live that up as long as I can.

I realized I haven’t talked about her too much on the blog yet, but Little Girl has been moving around A LOT. She especially likes to wiggle around when I’m trying to sleep. She’s growing as she should and I’m starting to feel gigantic (third trimester this week!), which is just so less fun the second time around. 🙂

Mark and Mama Mondays

This week, Mark and I had our first Mark and Mama Monday. I figured that I (hopefully) only have a few more months of enjoying Mark as an only child. So, I decided that once a week (preferably on Mondays for the whole alliteration thing, but it doesn’t have to be) Mark and I will take a morning to do something fun — just the two of us.

Yes, I am fortunate to only work part-time and I get to spend a lot of time with him. But, some of that time is spent running to Target and Costco (which he kind of likes anyway) and cleaning and whatever, so this will be fun stuff.

This week, we went to toddler storytime at one of the libraries near our house.

I don’t have any pictures of storytime itself because Mark spent most of the time on my lap, which is pretty typical. He did warm up after the first fifteen minutes or so, though, and started playing with the scarves they gave the kids and jumping around a little bit.

But, after storytime, we went around upstairs to the kids area and Mark played with some puzzles (because, you know, why read when you’re in a library when you can do puzzles?).


After that, he played with the little toy/manipulative thing, on the wall.


But then, we picked out some books for him to take home.


And he started reading them in the car. 🙂