Seven Quick Takes: Valentine’s Day, vocations, prayer request, and a charism?

1) Happy Valentine’s Day!
I will admit to you that this is not my most favorite day of the year. I think part of it is that I was single for so much of my life that I didn’t ever really get to feel the love that all of my coupled friends around me seemed to be experiencing on that pinkish day of days. I’ve had a few Valentine’s Days that were particularly important for one reason or another and I’ll talk about those in due time. This year, I’m excited that I have a new love in my life.

Can Mamas have their sons be their Valentines? I like to think so.


2. Birthday! Picture!

Teacher Man had a birthday this last week and turned the big 3-1. We didn’t do much as it was a school night and, aw geez, we’re parents now who desire sleep above all other things. Little Man colored this picture for his Da Da.


3. Birthday! Cake! Charism!

I’ve been reading on the Internets lately about charisms and I’ve been pondering what mine is. Then, as I was baking a cake for Teacher Man’s birthday (recipe here), it occurred to me that my charism is baking. All I want to do for people is bake. Have a birthday? Just a hankering for some pie? I’d love to bake you something. More importantly, baking is when I’m quiet, at peace, and I feel energized afterwards. Are we limited to one charism? I don’t think sound I’m not sure what another one would be for me. But, yes, the baking.


4. Flip

Little Man is finally able to flip from his back onto his front.  He first did it a couple of months ago, but I kind of think it was a fluke.  Now, he can do it on the regular and he’s not scared when he lands on his tummy.

5. I want to GO!

Little Man will tolerate being on his tummy a little more now, but really all he wants to do is walk and walk and walk and walk.  He’s not long for sitting still and playing with his trucks, that one.


6. Ma Ma

Today, I got the greatest of all Mama-presents: Little Man can say “Mama”!  Be still, my overflowing heart!

7. Prayer Request

There’s some heavy thinking and soul-searching going on in these parts. Prayers appreciated, please!

Have a lovely weekend and go check out some of the other Quick Takes!