Mark and Mama Monday #2

There’s a bunch of new things that happened this week, but before I get to those, I have to share our Mark and Mama Monday for this week.

This week, we went to my favorite donut shop. It smells SO GOOD and has the best donuts. Mark love-love-loves donuts (and asks about them after Mass… not trained, don’t worry).


Perfect mid-morning snack? Um, yes. (Also, point of clarification: my donut is the one with the sprinkles. The kiddo doesn’t need THAT much sugar.)



After totally stuffing out faces, we went to the same story time as last week (what? he had fun!).This week, he was brave enough to go up and listen to the story about the monkey. They started reading the story and I turned to Mark on my lap who was staring uncontrollably at the monkey and asked him if he wanted to go up so he could see it. “Please!” he whispered. And up he went.


Such a big kid!

Other new things in the last week:

– Yesterday, he was literally running circles around me. I was sitting on the floor in the living room and he came up to me and yelled “CIRCLE!” and then started running in circles around me. For about three minutes. And yelling “circle!” over and over.
– Mark has started mimicking the word “okay” which is just the most super cute ever when he says it.
– On Sunday he used the word “mine” for the firs time. Over and over again. Oh, please, no, not the years of “mine”! Sigh. So far, he hasn’t repeated it too much, so I’ll live that up as long as I can.

I realized I haven’t talked about her too much on the blog yet, but Little Girl has been moving around A LOT. She especially likes to wiggle around when I’m trying to sleep. She’s growing as she should and I’m starting to feel gigantic (third trimester this week!), which is just so less fun the second time around. 🙂