Seven Quick Takes: daffodils, picking stuff up, and running!

1) I know Lent just started and that we should be all serious and grave and sacrificing and whatever, but I can’t help posting pictures of these:


Aren’t they amazing?!  And they’re growing all over our backyard.  It’s kind of gloomy in this area of the country in March, but these babies make everything brighter and happier.  And I love.

2) Little Man got to meet one of his new friends this week.  She’s the daughter of one of my friends and coworkers and she’s about a month old.  It’s crazy to compare the two of them and see how small he used to be and how big she’s going to be in not very long.

3) How I’ll Not Win Mother Of The Year: Little Man had an appointment with the doctor this week.  It was a checkup after the nine month checkup to just make sure things were going the way they should (I’m not going to go too far into it because it doesn’t really matter).  The doctor was duly impressed that Little Man can go about twenty steps (!) on his own.  When I asked if she wanted to see, Little Man took three steps and almost completely faceplanted on the floor.  In front of the doctor.  Awesome, me.

4) I started a walking/running regime in the last few weeks.  I’m hoping to run in a 5K with my sister at the end of May, so time to get moving!  I’m using this plan; it’s not too hard, but still gets me in shape (I’ve used it before).  We’re only on Day 2, but I’m feeling pretty good about it.  Ask me when we get to the 30 straight minutes of running.  :-/  But!  I get to wear the new shoes that I got for myself when we were at the Nike Employee store a couple of weeks ago.  New shoes make everything better.  🙂


5) I had a student blatantly lie to me this week.  I have to say, it’s one of my least favorite things about teaching teenagers.  Their parents want to believe that their kids are never lying to them (or me), but their kids are willing to do anything to not get in trouble with their parents.  And their underdeveloped frontal lobes tell them that lying is sometime the best way to accomplish this.  Sigh.

6) Little Man was finally able to pick something up off the floor while still standing!  Yesterday, he reached down and got his calculator (yes, he has his own calculator) from the floor while hanging on to the coffee table.  Yay!

7) Sorry that I’m a little late to the Quick Takes party this week.  Last night, I was trying to get some work done and then watching “Suits” with Teacher Man.  What?  You don’t watch “Suits”?  You are seriously, seriously missing out.  Get on it, right now!  The third season just started up again after a winter break.  But, you can catch up on the other two seasons through Amazon’s streaming service.  Do it and Get Litt Up!

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